Ethiopia travel is not primarily a wildlife destination, the great swathes of animals it once held decimated by habitat loss, disease, and historic hunting. However:

  • Home to a host of endemic mammal and bird life, it remains a coveted destination among wildlife specialists. At least 36 species of mammal are endemic, 12 of which are large mammals. Meanwhile, between 18 and 20 species of bird are endemic. Endemic mammals include walia ibex, Ethiopian wolf, mountain nyala, Menelik’s bushbuck, gelada baboon, Swayne’s hartebeest, Bale Mountains ververt and giant mole-rat. Endemic birds include blue-winged goose, Ethiopian siskin, yellow-throated seedeater and Prince Raspoli’s Turaco.

  • Though depleted in number, the country is home to at least 320 species of mammal, a considerable range of diversity, and one that matches most other African wildlife destinations.   

  • As the standard of mobile camp travel improves, so the emergence of a fascinating East-West wildlife belt, which includes Gambella, Omo National Park, Chebera Churchura, Senkele, Bale and Ali Deghe. Travel here is hardy, adventurous, and super rewarding.   

  • Whatever its low numbers of each species of mammal, the country is a bird and butterfly paradise. Resident and migratory birds totalled, species number over 860. Meanwhile, there are well over 300 butterfly species.  

Travel to Ethiopia is increasingly taking note of its wildlife. Having long championed private canvas travel in Ethiopia, Wild Expeditions is one of the few capable of organising trips designed to make the most of the country’s wilderness and wildlife.







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